In this COVID – 19 Lockdown, we all know that how people were going back to their childhood days when the Internet and Mobile apps had not unfolded their wings and not invaded the lives of people, taking part in board games with friends and families was once a famous time pass for many. It is one of the best strategy board game that overwhelmed the lives of people from all the generations to play Ludo.

Looking back to the 6th century Ludo is popularly known as Pachisi, it was commonly played by the kings and emperors in ancient times. But as time slowly progressed and the era of technological innovations linked with path-breaking inventions in the field of entertainment started upon us, this game lost all its shine.
However, it is said that History repeats itself, once again Ludo has made a sensational comeback as one of the most popular gaming apps.
Playing the traditional board game had been a fundamental part of Indian peoples and had its roots in their cultural lifestyle. Ludo got a huge response in the market and became the sensational play.

The traditional Ludo game required one to carry the board, tokens and dice. With the arrival of ludoskill, it is assured that it can be played anywhere and anytime without the worry of losing the tokens or the dice or even the board as smartphones have highly reached every niche and edge. Ludoskill is not just a game to play for entertainment and fun, you can earn money by playing the game. We know how much you enjoy playing the game, and we know you would love it, even more, when you earn money for what you enjoy doing.

Therefore, we brought an online version of the game you love in the form of LudoSkill. Our attractive graphics and advanced technology make sure that you love playing the game seamlessly on your mobile. LudoSkill is an online multiplayer ludo game available for Android as well as iPhone users. Apart from providing you with exciting gaming experience, the app is secure and absolutely safe. Ludoskill is loaded with unique features that offer a brand feel while playing Ludo. The ludo game comes with some special twists that not only double the thrill of playing Ludo game but also let you win exciting and big cash prizes by participating in tournaments.

One just has to download the game from the website, add cash and start playing. After winning, you can withdraw your winning amount directly into your bank account. Download now to experience exciting features and unlimited fun with real cash ludo game.
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