Ari Retail Management software is a Web Masters’ software product which the company has introduced to reduce the efforts required to manage a retail business. Apart from Ari Retail Management Software, the company offers jewelry solutions, customer relationship management solutions, and ERP solutions. Ari is designed in such a way that it can serve multiple retail types including, supermarkets, grocery stores, fashion retail outlets, toy stores, pharmacy stores, to name a few. Further, it is capable of handling a single retail store or a chain of retail stores.

Retail business deals with many customers every day. Those customers buy products and pay in cash, credit card, debit card, etc. For retail businesses, it is necessary to take care of every transaction and keep their books of accounts updated. Accounting programs such as Tally were introduced for such a necessity.

However, when transactions have taken place in retail management software, how they can be updated in Tally? This is an issue addressed by Web Masters using their synchronization feature in Ari. Let’s check out what Web Masters Managing Director, Rahul Doshi has to state about the bridge between Ari and Tally.

“Usually, a user first needs to export the data from their retail management software and then import it to his Tally account. He requires conducting this process every time he wishes to transfer the transaction details. We have solved this issue by integrating Tally with Ari. Our application will directly transfer the data to Tally by eliminating the need of exporting and importing the data. All you need to do is to map the fields once, and data sync will be automated.”

This is an effective way of transferring the transaction details. This even keeps the user interface uncomplicated as recording transactions and accounting are done on different interfaces. Further, there are many features that make the integration useful.

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