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The new book will motivate athletes to Create a Championship Mindset. David is a Certified Sport Psychology Coach and Stress Management Coach that educates athletes on the mental aspects of achieving excellence in sport and life. 


David Angeron, a motivational author, speaker and entrepreneur, released a new book entitled “THE MENTAL TRAINING GUIDE FOR ELITE ATHLETES: How the Mental Master Method Helps Players, Parents, and Coaches Create a Championship Mindset”. “The book is a source to unlock your hidden potential to achieve your goals and better performance,” said David Angeron, the book author.


David’s new book represents him as a top-notch sports psychology coach who will help readers overcome their fear, doubt, and negativity that derail players and teams. Specifically, the readers will learn all aspects to achieve excellence in sport and life. The book will also teach its reader with routines and exercises to enhance their performance in sport, including all aspects in gaining excellence, such as The fundamentals of the “Mental Master Method”, How personality type plays into athletic excellence, How to develop traits like work ethic, grit, and desire, Why tools like visualization and imagery and deep breathing help “weaponize” pressure and supercharge your game, and How positive energy can change the trajectory of a losing season.


As a new released book on Amazon, it has positive reviews from the readers, as follows:


Kaelyn Weiss, a satisfied student athlete explained, “The book was very informative, and it provided a good perspective and helped motivate me as a student athlete.”


Mark, a satisfied reader said, “I have read about half of this book and found that it can benefit everyone. Thus, it can be used for adults who work in their careers and athletes who are trying to make themselves better.”

About the Author 

David L Angeron is a motivational coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience as a motivational coach for Professional, College, High School, and Youth athletes. He is also a Certified Sport Psychology Coach & Certified Stress Management Coach. David has written two books, entitled IT’S MY TIME: Understanding College Recruiting and College Placement and THE MENTAL TRAINING GUIDE FOR ELITE ATHLETES: How the Mental Master Method Helps Players, Parents, and Coaches Create a Championship Mindset. Currently, his latest book, THE MENTAL TRAINING GUIDE FOR ELITE ATHLETES, becomes #1 New Releases in Baseball Coaching at Amazon, the largest book marketplace in the world. This 319 pages book is available in Kindle and paperback. For more information about David and his books, please visit and


David Angeron / 344 St. Joseph St. New Orleans, LA. 70130 / 985.381.5743.