Panorama City, California (webnewswire) July 16, 2020 – American Protection Group, a California security solutions company recently unveiled their new website design. The new design uses a familiar feel with a sleeker, more optimized format to be more visually appealing to customers. There are major differences in the menus and security solutions descriptions.

The menu items at the top are pulled together in a more organized fashion, implementing a good use of white space. The dropdown items from the menu are condensed into a cohesive fashion. One of the biggest differences is effective use of the header for the “About”, “Careers”, “Our Team”, and “Contact” pages, freeing up space in the main navigational menu. APG also added a button to request a quote with coloring that mirrors their logo.

American Protection Group’s clients count on them for their effective security solutions, and APG is proud to serve them. On the previous site, there was a simple list of many of APG’s clients and partners, but now there is a dynamic scroll that catches readers’ eyes. Similarly, a graphic that appeared to type out and delete APG’s services has been replaced by a rotating list of their dynamic solutions.

Lastly on their homepage, APG previously had a 4×2 list of general services and clientele personas. On their new website, APG uses a 3×4 grid of boxes to detail exactly what security solutions they are able to provide, from security officers to oil gas protection detail to fire watch services.

On the new pages describing their individual services in detail, APG has expanded the content and provided a form for visitors to ask questions. This is helpful to any interested parties looking for security services to have quick follow-up communication and have solutions presented as soon as possible.

Another important difference in the new website design is an emphasis on the different locations that APG is based in and where they can provide services. They are headquartered in California, where they also have 4 branches – in Chico, Sacramento, Irvine and San Diego. Local branches have also been established in Miami, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. APG included a dedicated page with each branch’s address, contact information and license numbers. Each branch also has its own dedicated page.

American Protection Group is dedicated to providing security solutions to clients through installing surveillance systems, providing personnel and conducting investigations. Contact American Protection Group at (877) 713-1559 and visit their new website at