It is important to notice that anyone who works without a load balancer and without fallback settings always sends all inquiries to all or any available cards. Thus causes tons of traffic and trouble for the share partners.

Even with load balancers, you ought to see that it saves its statistics and doesn’t need to create all of them the time and tortures his share partners.

Because it’s to find out new the load balancer has got to test the cards whenever . So we will only recommend everyone to read the Load balancer first before you let your Oscam loose on the Pay CCcam network.

In the meantime, the cross-protocol and cross-platform card server became a totally functioning card and sharing server. No additional emu is required. Oscam server masters the CCcam protocol perfectly, even up to version 2.2.1. so Oscam can already affect the innovations introduced with CCcam_2.2.0, like good SIDs and bad SIDs.

Oscam can even do quite an ingenious CCcam Europe. There is, for instance , the worldwide load balancer that creates sharing a really intelligent matter.

The client doesn’t need to laboriously look for the proper cards which will open the requested station. A well-set load balancer already knows which card can do that and routes the request on to the right card.

The load balancer also knows which card is currently the fastest. the simplest CCcam client doesn’t notice anything except that it gets an image very quickly.

There is also an Oscam own CCcam protocol which will process the requests asynchronously provided. you’ve got not activated the stealth = 1 mode. Then we might have the very fact that Oscam can read almost any common Pay-TV card and thus bring it into the CCcam network as an area card.

Sharing & trust:

Sharing has always been a matter of trust, but with Oscam and CCcam server, you’ve got to extend your trust even further. Oscam may be a very powerful cam with which you’ll do tons of mischiefs.

There will always be users who use every opportunity to realize a plus . there’s a function called “ignorereshare”.

The setting also can be found within the oscam.user “cccignorereshare” where you’ll activate it individually for every user.

You should also take one thing into the account that it also features a side effect, namely that each one Reshare rules and people of the connected share partners are bypassed. If you get a card without Reshare and set “ignorereshare”, you’ll still share the cardboard as often as you entered within the oscam.conf under “reshare”.