USA, July 10, 2020: We are glad to announce and introduce our local website are a technical service provider website. A one stop shop service provider that has all the necessary help and information that can help you to configure and install all your Netgear devices like your WiFi Range Extenders and routers. Access the controls of your devices and gain an upper hand in managing your home networking system smoothly with the help of our website.

You will be familiar with this local web page if you own a NetGear device. Here is a concise introduction of our web page, how it operates and what it broadly does. This local web page provides you with an interface that helps you access, control, monitor, update and set up all your devices. You are even allowed to change the settings on your device via this web page according to your preferences. Accessing the web page is extremely easy too. You will just have to launch any browser, go to login with your credentials and the control dashboard page will open up. The only thing that is to be kept in mind while operating on this web page is that as it is not a regular web page it will not open unless your computer is connected wirelessly to your WiFi Range Extender or physically connected to the Ethernet. If you are not connected to your WiFi Range Extender you will see an error message on your screen when you try to access the web page. Different browsers show the same error but worded differently. Chrome shows “Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the web page because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.” Firefox shows “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at mywifiext.” and Internet Explorer shows “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network.” Safari shows “Can’t find server.” Any other error message apart from these are not probably from a secured website.
There is a similar sister web page that caters specifically to Macintosh users. Use the .local extension instead of the dot net extension if you own an Apple product. It has the same functionalities and operations just that the dot local interface is for Mac system owners.
There should be no problems in accessing this web page if you are connected to the internet with your device. If you still face any problems you can try to make sure that your device is connected to a power source and the LED light is on. You can cross check for the connection between your router and the WiFi Range Extender. You can use a different browser as problems may crop up at times when your browser is not updated. Bringing your extender physically closer to your router helps in solving connectivity issues. Use an Ethernet cable as that helps in sorting out connectivity issues that may result in not accessing of the website. You can use a static IP address for your computer or laptop and clear your recent web history and cache. The IP address of the website is: Typing this manually on the address bar helps when there are spelling errors. If you face any login issue you should check if your device is running on the latest firmware, reboot and try again.
This website has other applications as well.
• It gives the user the access to the functions and controls of their devices.
• You can use this website for port triggering.
• Port forwarding can also be done using this web page.
• Mac cloning is also possible using this interface.
• You can handle all of your devices that are connected to your WiFi using this website.
This website is extremely easy to use and is very user friendly.

We are happy to introduce our website formally and make our presence known as the technical service provider for NetGear, namely their WiFi Range Extenders and Routers. Our website works only with NetGear products as it is specifically designed for its devices and will not work with other routers or devices of any other make. We provide exclusive technical support and also handle the SEO of the website. We are proud of the service that we provide, be it our toll free phone technical support or in managing a website. We deal with issues faced by our users effectively by any medium that is preferable to our users. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority. We have made our mark in the technical support provider market and proved to provide a strong and effective technical support.
Watch our videos, learn more about setting up and configuring your range extenders, troubleshoot any issues that you might be facing or just browse through the FAQs for increasing your knowledge base. For an in depth information regarding what we do please visit our website at:

Phone: 1-844-227-8534