XAOSUN 3.1 USB C Female to USB Male Adapter Supports One-Sided High-Speed 10Gbps Data Sync and Fast Charging. This adapter is compatible with Laptops, PC, and Chargers.

XAOSUN, a company that focuses on data transmission technology, releases high-speed USB to USB c adapter on Amazon, the world’s biggest marketplace. Utilizing advanced data transmission technology, users can switch between USB 3.1 speed and USB 2.0 speed with a simple flip of the Type C plug and perform high-speed charging for phones and tablets.

Following the increasing need for high-speed data transfer, people can consider moving to the next generation USB adapter, such as XAOSUN USB adapter, which can transfer data up to 10Gbps. People will find more advanced features in the next XAOSUN USB 3.1 USB to USB C Adapter.  One of the main advantages is that the adapter utilizes Built-in DOUBLE 56KΩ resistor and high-quality aluminum alloy shell material.  It ensures safety and durability, whether it’s for data sync (OTG)or fast charging.

XAOSUN USB c to USB 3.0 adapter is designed as a versatile high-speed data transfer device that will support daily activity for busy and active individuals. XAOSUN USB adapter provides high-quality workmanship. Users can enjoy their top aluminum alloy shell material to endure frequent plugging & unplugging without hassle.

XAOSUN’s company representatives explained the advantage of its products compared to other similar USB adapters, “Our product is 20% smaller than other competing USB converters in the market. It allows you to store securely in your backpack, pocket, briefcase, purse, desk drawer, or anywhere else you want. Moreover, we’ll give you an 18-month warranty, and you will receive 2 USB C to USB adapters within your order. “

XAOSUN USB c female to USB male adapter is available at a price of $8.99. With the price offered, buyers will get a two pack USB C to USB 3.0 adapter that supports up to 100W 20V 5A output for fast charging, including 18 months of warranty.



XAOSUN is a prominent based factory supplier that focuses on data transmission technology. They have a diverse range of products, including high-speed USB Adapter, USB C Cable, HDMI Cable, DisplayPort Cable, Mini DP Cable, and many more. For more information about XAOSUN USB C to USB 3.0 adapter, please visit their official page on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2N8zy6m.

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