Many of you ask all kinds of questions about Persian rugs. That is why we bring you this article in which we tell you about the origins of this wonderful Handmade Persian rugs.

The history of the Persian carpet:

Persia has been the handicraft center for rugs since ancient times, making its making into an art. Carpet weaving is, without a doubt, one of the highest manifestations of Persian culture and art.

Formerly Handmade Persian Rugs were made for the Court and the Nobles. Despite the luxury that Persian rugs are associated with today, in the past, it was considered a necessary asset to protect itself from the harsh winter.

Its manufacture:

The manufacture of the rugs is manual and some tools such as looms, scissors, or combs are used.

Knotting techniques:

There are two main techniques: the asymmetric knot called the Persian knot, and the symmetrical knot, known as the Turkish knot. They are clearly differentiated since the asymmetric knot has both warps closed by a wool thread, while the other one of the warps is free.

Persian Carpet Symbology:

Regarding its symbolic function, nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration, through the representations of trees, flowers, birds, or clouds. The Hand Knotted Persian Rugs can also have allegorical concepts such as heaven and gardens of paradise or descriptions of the Koran.

The carpet called a garden, with its interior divided into segments, emulating the Persian gardens, unfolds the Persian philosophical universe at the feet of people or on the walls of their houses.

The Persian rug-garden is a representation of paradise in the tangible world. It is an extension of life and principles at all levels and situations of life. Macrocosmic complexity is represented in an earthly object through the knots that make up the tapestry.

The central motif of this rug, usually in the form of a medallion, is the image of the divine. It evokes unity and divine light, which is related to external motifs such as the center with the circumference. It is no wonder the love of the Persians for gardens and parks, representations of paradise.

How to Professionally Clean a Persian Carpet?

Below we give you the necessary steps to treat your carpet:

– Do a deep prewash with water.

– Wash slowly and gently with a brush.

– Make in a rinse with water, in abundance.

– Dry slowly.

From time to time you should wash the carpet in this way and not only that, but we also recommend that you take it to a specialized place to prevent your carpet from wearing out.