Your domain is like the street address of your company on the web. Having an effective domain name is very important for your business or website to flourish. However, with the growing trend of e-commerce and other online activities, it’s nearly impossible to find a unique domain. Thus, here comes in domain hacking. Domain hacking is not the cybercrime kind of hacking rather; it is a smart way of modifying a word and using it creatively to develop an effective domain name. Upon further reading, you will get a complete idea of what is meant by domain hacking, how it is done and how it can benefit domain investors.
What is domain hacking?
A domain hack is basically modification of a word by using characters like dot (.). This technique gives a broad space for creative minds to find a unique domain for their brand. The left and right letters of a word are separated or you can say combined using a dot, for example, invest.ors, painters.
Another format for a domain hack can be using new extensions like .ly, .TECH, .net, etc. for example
There is one limitation with these hack domains, these are very specific. You will have to have a separate domain for each of your brands or business ventures. Therefore, before registering a domain you need to think wisely and consider all the pros and cons. You need to understand that this will directly affect your business. Thus, I would suggest you not to rush, think, and take calculated steps. This will not only help you grow but also it will save your time and money for registering a new domain every time you think of something new.
Useful Formats or techniques for domain hack:
Now let us see some useful methods that you can use to create a domain hack.
Word breaking: while using this technique you can break a dictionary word into two meaning parts and obtain a perfect domain name. Do.main or can be examples for you to understand what I mean. You can also consider using ccTLDs like .us (USA) to create a meaningful domain such as
Using gTLDs: You can use generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to create your domain name. GTLDs are meaningful domains, extensions that are used to create domain hacks such as .TECH, .STORE.
Domain hacks have solved the saturation issue for domains and are providing vast opportunities to the creative minds to develop their desired domains. It allows you to create domains that can be potential keywords like, having a keyword as your domain will SEO and ratings and such a domain is definitely worth the investment, as it will pay off in future. You can split two words to create a meaningful word which is easier to remember and search for like key.board.
To sum it up, domain hacks are more beneficial in terms of investment because the unique format makes them attractive compared to the ordinary domain names.