“Siora Surgicals launches various ranges of locking plates for small and large bone fixation.”
Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd., one of the oldest orthopedic implants company, has introduced its new line of locking plate (https://www.siiora.com/locking-plates/), distal radius plate, and locking hand plates. Like all other implant products in the Siora catalog, the fragments of these locking implants are individually tested for durability and stability. This addition to the company’s existing product line system marks a major milestone for Siora Surgicals. The company has received all major certifications like ISO 9001 certification, ISO 13485 certification, and WHO GMP certification.
Over the years, Siora Surgicals has been supporting the global medical community by providing top-of-the-line orthopedic implants indigenously at the best price. All the orthopedic implants are developed using state-of-the-art technology and as per global medical needs. The company’s quality assurance and R&D team work tirelessly to generate innovative products with longer shelf life and durability.

As per a recent report on global fracture fixation products, it has been found that the market of fracture fixation products is expected to grow at a combined annual growth rate of about 8%. With the presence of several major players in this domain, Siora Surgicals is all set to boost its productivity and technology standards as per the global demands. The company’s competitive price and superior quality have helped it gain an edge over its competitors globally.

Siora’s product units are equipped with ultramodern and cutting-edge machinery. A team of trained and committed specialists and experts regularly coordinate with the management for developing new products. The company’s quality assurance system is certified to comply with ISO 13485:2016 standards. Implants like locking plates, Variable Angle Locking Plate (https://www.siiora.com/variable-angle-plate/) are customized depending upon the client’s needs and as per the patient’s physical build to give it a perfect fit. Locking hand plates are designed using superior quality stainless steel or titanium alloy material.
The company’s modern line of the Locking Plate System is broadly categorized into three categories of Microlock Locking Hand System (https://www.siiora.com/locking-hand-system/), Small Fragment Locking Plate System, and Large Fragment Locking Plate System. It further includes a vast array of orthopedic implants and set like small fragment locking plate and screw, large fragment locking plate and locking head screw, broken screw removal instruments and set, large fragment locking instruments, and small fragment locking instruments.

Siora also specializes in microlock locking hand systems which are primarily used for fracture fixation of the phalanges and metacarpals. These locking systems are offered only in Titanium alloy. The product line of microlock locking hand systems includes microlock locking instruments, microlock locking implants, and microlock locking implants and instruments set. All these new lines of locking plates come under value for money variable angle plate and locking hand plate collection. If you have any hesitation and need to assure anything then we also provide samples on request, generally at discounted prices.