An artist puts his efforts into creating masterpieces, but what is the use of it if he does not get views? Well, the Internet has changed the rules of games of marketing. The secret of success is to publish the work online.

The Bott Collection is the best platform that supports self-published as well as established artists. It gives a place to represent, exhibit, and more importantly, to sell the prints. IT is an independent international print and online publication to promote and showcase art and artists.

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Since the key objective of the program is to introduce the work of new artists and techniques to the world, it attracts institutions and collectors who are always searching for something new and exciting.

Founded by Renée Bott, a Michigan born artist and printer, The Bott Collection is a single-window solution for artists. An artist loses the enthusiasm of creating new things when an artist, despite of so much effort, does not get the attention of others.

When they get associated with a happening place like The Bott Collection, the opportunities get widened manifold. The online world is not confined to the boundaries of nations, languages, and cultures. It is an open marketplace where only quality things get sold.

Get associated with the Bott Collection and add wings to your creativity. Go to the website fill the contact details. It specializes in making collectors aware of the amazing qualities of handmade fine-art prints.

It is guaranteed that your work gets get appreciation, popularity, and immediate response. The Bott Collection is owned and managed by renowned artists. It begins with a focus on artists and brings an opportunity of generating new perspectives by reinforcing local as well as international art communities and cults. Know more about various artists’ art such as Martin Puryear Etching Arts and Graffiti art of Tauba Auerbach