There are numerous situations where we need third or fourth walking aids. If any illness, temporary injury or any other reason makes us walk with insecurity, pain, or discomfort or directly prevents us from moving independently.

Even if we still maintain enough foot balance, we will have to choose between crutches or canes. Generally, we choose a crutch when mobility is less when we need more complete support, and we choose a cane to accompany our daily life if we are already old and our legs are starting to fail us. But each person is a world, and each crutch and cane is also a world, so we present you with a short guide on crutches and canes.

Ergonomic crutches – with or without elbow, wide or narrow tip:

Each crutch has its characteristics. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a crutch is a basic one with a fixed elbow, that supports the elbow. And with a handle whose cover can offer us greater comfort.

Indeed, using crutches is painful, and there are people who suffer more from the discomfort they can cause. Therefore, if a conventional crutch, even if it has a wider elbow covering the arm. Or even if it has an ergonomic handle, it is not enough for us, we will have others.

If, for example, what we lack is stability and confidence, we will have to pay special attention to the ends. There are, in fact, crutches with special tips, wider than normal, and which also adhere to the ground correctly without getting up, increasing safety.

Walking sticks to complement mobility:

In the case of the walking stick, something similar occurs. And is that although we have more mobility. There are other needs that force us to require products tailored to us.

There are also ergonomic poles, with an anatomical or soft handle. Within the world of canes, unlike that of crutches, we find various designs and models that can be adapted to the taste of each person.

Since the people who request them the most are older people who carry walking sticks as a compliment in their day today, it is important that the designs are pleasant, current, and varied, from a psychological point of view.

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