1st July 2020, Mumbai: Rewanta is a sustainable fashion social enterprise that works with the objective of empowering weavers, artisans and khadi institutions (co-operatives) to provide sustainable livelihood to existing artisans and inspire the next generation of artisans across India. They have launched a #PledgekhadiEmpowerWeavers initiative under the Reclaim Khadi Movement, to extend support to weavers and artisans by enabling them to earn a dignified living by creating a positive demand cycle for Khadi. The initiative prompts individuals to pledge one khadi garment in their wardrobe and each purchase ensures the livelihood of one artisan with all proceeds directed towards them in today’s challenging times of economic distress.

Rewanta aims to create an opportunity for 7,500 artisans and daily wage earners for the next three months by weaving five lac meters of Khadi fabric and creating garments from it. The campaign intends to build a more participative and inclusive national-consciousness in building self-reliance and economic independence through supporting indigenous weaver communities.
Not only do the customers get an eco-chic khadi product, but they also earn the satisfaction of having unleashed impact by creating an opportunity for the weaver community to earn a respectful livelihood.

Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of turning KHADI into a fabric of empowerment continues to hold unharnessed potential which can unleash multi-pronged benefits through employment generation, self-reliance, environment sustainability as well as an exclusive and distinctive product that helps promote the rich cultural heritage of a self-reliant India.

Rewanta’s appeal to India is to pledge one khadi garment in their wardrobe as a symbol of pride and support for the magnificent craft born from India’s rich culture, as well as participating in action to uplift the worst-hit weaver and migrant labor community owing to the global pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandeep Pable, Co-founder, Rewanta, said, “This unprecedented pandemic has impacted every aspect of life as we know it. But the challenges it has conjured for daily wage workers require urgent and immediate action. More than 4.5 lac artisans are attached to Khadi and Village Industries, of which most belong to marginalized communities. The gravity of the problem is palpable. We want to do our part by supporting the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Vocal For Local”, with our initiative # PledgeKhadiEmpowerWeavers and take as many Indians along as possible to garner support for the sector through pledging at least one khadi garment .”

Khadi’s off-peak season received a further blow owing to the lockdown and economic impact of the pandemic. Alongside, the manufacturing units in cities also employs a large number of migrant workers who function as tailors and garment workers, who face the same risk of being out of work. As demand slumps further the resultant unemployment of these weavers and kaarigars will bring a slew of challenges like hunger and diseases, which could wreck more havoc for them than Covid-19.

On the occasion, Ashwini Pable, Co-Founder Rewanta says- “Covid19 is a challenging situation socially, economically and individualistically. With #PledgeKhadiEmpowerWeaver initiative we aim to bring the consumer directly in contact with the weaver. Through this spotlight into the weavers lives, we also want to take the pride in local produce and India’s rich culture to today’s youth. They are a growing brigade of socially woke youngsters engaged deeply with the Indian growth story. Establishing khadi rightfully as a chic, multi-mood clothing option for all generations, we also intend to tell the story behind every Khadi garment. It is a story of sustenance, love for their craft, source through which the weavers dreams transform to reality. It is our appeal to all, to own one piece of garment under this initiative and be a part of this epic story of building self-reliance”