Electric chair for elderly or motorized chairs, are those that have a motor and a battery that supplies power so that the user or passenger can carry it without the need to push it.

Today, the market for power chair is very wide. Both people unable to carry a manual wheelchair and people who can carry them, acquire these types of chairs for their comfort and for the freedom and autonomy they provide.

Electric air chair is intended in principle for those people who cannot handle a manual chair. But every day there are more people, who even being able to handle a manual wheelchair, opt for motor propulsion.

Difference electric wheelchair and scooter:

First of all, the handling: It is done simply with two fingers, While the scooter you have to move your arms through the handlebar.

Second, that with equal space: electric wheelchairs have much more strength. This is because they can carry batteries of higher amperage that will give us greater autonomy than the scooter.

Third, electric wheelchairs are much more compact: This means that they will allow us to enter smaller elevators or maneuver through smaller places. Scooters, unless they are very small models, tend to be much larger than electric wheelchairs.

Classification of electric wheelchairs:

There are many types of classifications within electric wheelchairs. We will list the most important.

From the point of view of transportation:

Electric wheelchairs can be folded by the fixed chassis.Folding electric wheelchairs are very similar to manual wheelchairs. The difference lies in two things. The first that we must disassemble the batteries so that we can fold it. The second is that even removing the batteries the weight of the chair is high to be able to comfortably charge it in a car.

From the point of view of its lightness:

We can find ourselves with standard electric wheelchairs or light electric wheelchairs.Standard power wheelchairs are the usual, heavyweight wheelchairs. Steel wheelchairs with two batteries of 40 or more battery amps.

From a functionality point of view:

Normal wheelchairs are usually chairs that are simply powered by an electric motor.The second ones besides this you can have many functions. Among these the most common are:

Climbing curbs: it is a mechanism that allows us to climb small curbs while the person is in the chair itself.

Second, electric recliner chair: It can be either manual rationing, with which you need someone else to do it, or an electric drive. In this way the user himself can at his will recline or vascular the chair at the time he wishes.

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