JID-PCB GROUP is one specialized is engaged in the production of high technology Gold bonding finger PCB, high quality requirements of communication IF boards, at home & abroad & all kinds of single & double side, multi layer, multi layer PCB circuit boards, 2-4 layer metal core PCB, hard & soft combination plate, etc.

After the staff years of efforts, and the full support of the social each session, with the high quality products, to obtain globally all types of electronic manufacturer support & trust, stable yield increasing, the company size get rapid development. Many years of struggling & enterprising, JID-PCB GROUP has the most abundant technical force, responsible management experienced team, advanced promotion equipment, perfection defection means, as well as the dedicated management & after sales service. Our company products are widely used in industrial control, home appliances & other applications.

JID-PCB GROUP work according to the needs of the customers’, such as the impedance test & so on. All kinds of communication IF boards are tested & visual inspection is done. The Company has specialized flying probe and various advanced on-off testing machine ensure accurate & efficient PCB test, guarantee the quality of the product. The Company also set up the special functions of the products prior to shipment according to the customer’s requirements of the specifications. Products before shipment, the company must review 100% of warehouse container shipment products.


JID-PCB GROUP has equipped with dedicated sales and customer support service team to take the initiative to communicate with customers timely with customers when necessary. We always focus on customer satisfaction & demand. At the same time, we specialize market corps team that will investigate the needs of the customers, listen to them and ensure proper feedback accordingly.

Our company produces quality Gold bonding finger PCB. For any assistance you can contact us. Our advanced equipment, professional & technology invite you to make progress together!

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Business Name: JID-PCB GROUP
Contact Person: Mr. Wei
Country/Region: China
Street Address: ROOM605-608, Shining Golden Business Centre, Tongfuyu Industrial Zona, Shajing Town
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong
Postal Code: 518104
Phone No: 0086 150 1791 6509
Email Address: raul@jidpcb.com
Website: http://www.jidpcbgroup.com/