One of the queries most often asked by traffic accident victims when they contact us for the first time is: Is it better to go to the insurance lawyer or hire a private Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County?

In this post, we will try to explain the benefits of hiring a private attorney to claim the damages caused in a traffic accident versus the option of leaving said claim in the hands of your own insurance company.

Conflict of interest:

If the claim is left to the insurance attorney too many times there will be a conflict of interest.

At the time of claiming the material damages of your vehicle or the total loss of the same, the company lawyer will not be able to defend your interests because due to the application of agreements, it will be your own company that must compensate you for these concepts and logically your lawyer will not go against the interests of who takes charge of his fees.

Another example of a conflict of interest occurs when assessing whether or not to file a lawsuit against an out-of-court offer of injuries by the opposing company.

If you accept the offer made out of court, your company will benefit because it will not have to take on the attorney fees to go to court. Therefore, it is likely that they will encourage you to accept it, arguing that it seems like a fair offer.

If you hire a private Bike Accidents Lawyers Orange County, CA who is independent of any company, you are assured that in no case will he be in a conflict of interest.

Professional and specialist:

The most common is that the private company’s lawyer has extensive experience in traffic accidents. If you decide to hire a private lawyer, it is very important that you ensure your specialization as it is a matter in constant evolution and with many changes in recent legislation.

What is better then?

After all the aforementioned and after years of experience in the sector, we can conclude that the best choice will be to hire a private and Best Personal Injury Attorney Orange County ashe is completely trustworthy.

Also, they are a specialist in traffic accidents and they have agreed on everything related to their management before to start working through a custom sheet. In most cases, the client benefits from hiring a private attorney.