Whenever you want a sleek temper cover or proof, you must depend on the technology that offers a warranty or guarantee that the material will be the best for your equipment. That is why we got into talks with the team of NanoGrafix to help us understand how the Holographic stickers for the tamper labels can be really helpful.

“We check the order put in by the customers. We talk to them if need be, about the dimensions of their products. This helps our designers to know what kind of tamper label is to be made,” said one of the top designers.

The holographic labels also give the designing of the tamper proof a new look. “The protection does not only come with any security-enabled in the stickers or labels. This protection can be subjective. And we take care of each aspect. Thus, we also focus on the presentation of the tamper evident labels demanded by our dear clients,” said the marketing head of NanoGrafix.

Their way of protection for a perfect shape, size, and design of the tamper proof comes from the product’s measurements. “Apart from the shape, size, or any other measurement, we also offer printable brand logo, text, or design over the tamper labels. These are necessary for the brand’s marketing over the equipment,” said another marketing head working for NanoGrafix.

Many designers of the holographic labels, stickers, and the tamper labels on NanoGrafix work towards the durability of these products. Therefore, each equipment’s protection is also associated with how the tamper proof or label works over it.

“These labels or tamper proof will be dust-, water-, and stain-free. This is required to protect each electronic and other equipment where you want to post the tamper proof. For these qualities to be enabled inside the layers of the tamper proof or labels, our quality analysts work on upgrading the 3D printing and similar technologies used inside the plant or at the assembly line,” said the quality analyst working for NanoGrafix.

Another marketing staff spoke, “These tamper labels might also have white codes or series numbers. These numbers are the signs of the authentic product or the equipment that is being used.”


In this press release, the different team members working at NanoGrafix enlighten the readers on how the tamper proof or labels are best to protect all your necessary pieces of equipment.

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