Medical devices and products have been in use to treat and diagnose health issues for a very long time. Nowadays, various equipment is required and widely used in all branches of surgery, medicine, and community care.

If you’re a medical professional, or medical institution or anyone that requires any kind of wellness healthcare products, LSR Healthcare is an ultimate solution.

With 50 years of combined experience in clinical and commercial healthcare, LSR is a leading supplier of medical products and patient monitors in Australia and New Zealand. They’re a world-class provider of unified healthcare solutions that satisfies the entire infrastructure in the health industry.

Whether it is a tetragraph, a device that helps to measure and analyze muscle function based on quantitative monitoring through the use of the EMG technique, or a monitor that provides complete patient monitoring while at the same time integrating and displaying information from the hospital network, LSR Healthcare has a wide range of products and devices. In addition to this, they also have HY-Tape, hand sanitizer with alcohol, dental equipment, neotech neonatal products, extension kit, intralift kit, plus more.

The different brands distributed by LSR include Mindray, Acteon, Teac, Comeg, etc. The goal of LSR is to help all the healthcare providers by providing the highest quality services. They keep their products up to date and also offer free demonstration for most of them. For any type of medical devices, and more information, contact LSR Healthcare today.