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The meaning of Vinyasa is ‘lei athmak’ which means one asana after another. Many different asanas are strung into a sequence that provides many benefits and multiplies the body’s strength, energy and flexibility. The most famous and popular Vinyasa is the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation and Chandra Namaskar or Moon Salutation. They are offerings to the Sun and the Moon respectively and worship the Solar and Lunar energies. Along with this, Siddho Hum Kriya is also one of the most powerful Vinyasa flows containing a sequence of movements of the body for maximum growth of the practitioner.

Flow of Asanas for Focus
Flowing from one asana to another builds a sense of rhythm between the body movements you’re your breath. This type of yoga which keeps you moving from asana to asana links each pose to an inhale and an exhale. Vinyasa builds a flow of movements that is smooth and continuous helping you to focus and stay connected to the present moment.
More formulas to deepen your practice
Through the continuous sequence of a Vinyasa, you can target different areas that you want to work on. This could be weight management, for building core strength, for flexibility, for greater mobility, for arm strength, for detoxification etc. This option of creating various permutation and combination of asanas has the potential to deepen your practice. By mixing up the order of the poses, or adding new and unexpected postures, you’ll never experience boredom with your practice.
Stay more active
For those looking for the cardio element in their fitness routine, Vinyasa offers them this experience. Even if the pace is relatively slow, this continuous sequence of Vinyasa yoga is great for getting your heart going. Resting poses like Downward Dog being the only ‘break’ that you’ll get will keep your heart rate pumped up all throughout the session. As asanas lead right into another, you can even add more challenging pose as progression. When you repeat the same routine over and over, this style of yoga is great for working up a sweat.
Activate Chakras
A Vinyasa is a scientifically designed sequence based on traditional and ancient knowledge of Yogic postures, breathing and anatomy. This combination creates the activation of specific energies within the body system that are connected to our Chakra system.
Connection of Upper and Lower Body
The fusion of different asanas woven together in a scientific sequence builds your reflexes, improving your motor coordination and also hand-eye coordination. This increases the connection between your upper and lower body for better balance and energy distribution.
These are some of the benefits of practising Vinyasa sessions. In this way, Vinyasas are often repetition of a series of postures that build body heat and sweat for building strength. This makes it interesting and also fun as a form of fitness routine.