Every year Poland receives jewellery worth more than 1 billion PLN. The Polish markets are an enticing destination for western manufacturers, and they are promoted by Italy.

In Warsaw, the presentation of several dozen Italian jewellery brands will start on Wednesday, with the intention of reaching our country’s clients. According to data released by the Italian Embassy’s Trade Promotion Office, the importation of jewellery into Poland in 2016 reached EUR 264 million and rose by 18.7 per cent per year.
Chinese goods have the largest share, but it is still on a downward trend. China’s share now stands at 24 per cent, but was 32 per cent in 2012. Italy holds the second spot, and imports from Italy account for about 16-17 per cent. The value rose to 43.7 million euros by 14.7 per cent in 2016.
“Despite increasing worldwide competition, our manufacturers still retain one of the leading jewellery positions. Italians are the world’s fifth jewellery manufacturer, “says Antonino Maffodda, director of the Italian Agency for the Promotion and Internationalization of Italian Enterprises, the Italian Embassy’s Trade Promotion Department, which organizes the Italian Jewelry in Warsaw. 45 Italian jewellery companies participate.

“Original styling and high-quality items are hallmarks. These are values that Polish customers appreciate, and we can see rising demand from our companies in the Polish market, “Maffodda adds.
Italy is among the world’s leading jewellery manufacturers and exporters. Italy sold 6.4 billion euros worth of jewellery in 2016. This result was achieved thanks to nearly 25,000 jewellery manufacturers, who hire 80,000 people. It exports nearly 75 per cent of revenue.

Italians see an enticing polish market. The amount of sales of jewellery on our market this year will hit nearly PLN 3 billion. While the nominal customer spends many times less on comparable goods each year than Germany , France or the UK, the market is rising steadily. What manufacturers are most pleased about is that growth is spotted not only in the segment of the cheap economy, but also in the premium sector, and in particular in luxury goods.
For years the Italians enjoyed the prestige of specialists in jewellery and the most skilled craftsmen. This is a market that originates from many well-known jewellery brands. Our bid includes many highly regarded Italian brands, “says W president Radoslaw Jakociuk. Kruk. Kruk. The company claims to be the official Damiani brand owner, one of the top ten global jewellery brands. Certain brands are also available: Nanis, Recarlo and Alfieri & St. John, which are sold in boutiques of W.Kruk Rolex.
„ Italy is not only the home of some of the most innovative jewellery brands but also the global jewelry market’s production base. Local factories produce jewelry and accessories for the most prominent fashion houses, and execute orders from many countries for jewellers, “says Radoslaw Jakociuk. “Local jewelers are skilled in small jewelry. We prefer large shapes, not stones. The Italians are certainly leading in chains production, which is not only an independent jewelry product, but also a favorite component among companies from around the world, “he adds.

Like other big jewellery chains, W.Kruk also operates a jewellery-making plant.