Whether you work in a hospital, laboratory or mortuary clinic, there are specific, high-quality pieces of equipment you will need. Mac-Care, the newest addition to the Mac Brothers’ offering, manufactures and supplies a wide range of medical equipment, mainly focusing on the pathology industry and provision of sanitaryware.

The aim of the company is to supply equipment that not only improves the hygiene and safety in the medical industry, but also creates sustainable, efficient working environments. To do so, Mac-Care consulted with various end-consumers, architects, and engineers to ensure that all pieces of equipment have been designed and manufactured effectively. In fact, the company’s extensive team of designers consult with the clients from conceptualisation through to the final building plans to ensure that all requirements are met.

In terms of Mac-Care’s medical range, the company incorporated new innovations into their offerings, such as a much safer sluice sink. After the company’s team of designers consulted with end-users and field experts, they found that the industry needed a new design that was not only safer, but also more practical. As a result, Mac-Care designed an upgraded version of the sluice sink that made for safer use of apparatus and that prevented accidental discharge by making the bedpan and bottle wash spray units only operate on-demand.

Other innovative medical equipment designed and manufactured by Mac-Care’s team of experts includes the highest standards of body storage racking, stainless steel tables, and industrial sinks.

In terms of the company’s mortuary and laboratory equipment offering, Mac-Care partnered with a leading European producer that manufactures well-tested and reputable mortuary equipment. This partnership would complement Mac-Care’s already existing range of body storage racking systems mentioned previously.

Other products supplied by the company include a wide range of Proox washroom accessories. Some of the products offered include waste bins, toilet paper dispensers, hand towel holders, paper dispensers, as well as several others.

If you’re interested in browsing through the several products offered by Mac-Care, if you would like to learn more about the company or if you would like to liaise with the company, visit their official website at https://mac-care.africa/

About the Company:
Mac-Care is a recent addition to the several Mac Brothers’ offerings. The company supplies a wide range of medical equipment that falls within the following three categories: medical sanitary ware, mortuary and pathology equipment, and washroom accessories. As mentioned previously, the products that make up these ranges were designed and manufactured to improve the overall safety and efficiency of their respective working environments.

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