New Delhi/ 29 June 2020: Digital talent pageant Miss Likee 2020, organised by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd’s pioneering short video platform Likee, has turned out to be a grand success. Likee creator and social media enthusiast Sakshi Mihir bagged the title of Miss Goodwill, following which she declared that she would donate her earnings during Miss Likee 2020 towards a cause.The donation was made to a Mumbai-based NGO named GunvatiJagan Nath Kapoor Foundation, which supports programmes in healthcare, education and social services with focus on women and children.

As part of her noble cause, ‘Miss Goodwill’donated the prize money of Rs 15,000 received during the live sessions that were part of the pageant. She received a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from the NGO for her gesture. Besides, she also participated in #UMatterChallenge, which was launched by Likee in association with the GJK foundation.

The idea behind the hashtag was to make people aware about the significance of mental as well as physical wellness, especially in the wake of some recent unfortunate happenings in the entertainment industry. Under #UMatterChallenge, Sakshi and other fellow Likers gave a message to people to take care of each other. This drive was one of the social media activities carried out by Likee as part of Miss Likee 2020.

Explaining her achievement and the decision to donate her reward money, Sakshi said, “I am thankful to Likee for letting me help those in need.I feel proud to receive the Miss Goodwill title and hope to encourage at least few people to work for social welfare and goodwill of the society.”

Referring to Sakshi’s noble act, Nirjari Dalal – Director of GJK Foundation said, “It feels great when young people realize the need to contribute towards the society. We sincerely thank Sakshi as well as Likee for extending a helping hand, especially in these trying times.”

The Miss Likee 2020 digital talent pageant was launched by the global platform on June 11 and received an overwhelming response with more than 3.73 lakh entries coming in within a short span. Based on Likee’s theme of ‘Let You Shine’, Miss Likee 2020 signifies that the platform believes all talented individuals must be given the same opportunity to achieve fame and popularity. This is for the first time that the female-friendly platform launched a digital talent pageant for its pool of female creators.