HeatSign company offers a wide array of turn-key engraving solutions for its clients all around the world. It provides more benefits and efficiency compared to the traditional engraving process.

Advances in laser technology undeniably provide many benefits to human life. Lasers are used for many purposes to help and support human productivity. Lasers are used in optical disk drives, fiber-optic, semiconductor chip manufacturing (photolithography), laser printers, barcode scanners, and DNA sequencing instruments. Additionally, it is also used for free-space-optical communication, skin treatments, and laser surgery, laser lighting displays for entertainment, cutting and welding materials, military and law enforcement devices for measuring range and speed, and marking targets.

  • Traditional Engraving Process

On a primary level, traditional engraving uses a precise machine that physically touches a piece of metal or surfaces to create text or graphic. The old and traditional engrave are used on some surfaces such as old sports medals, metal plates, and certain engravable plastics. 

  • HeatSign’s Laser Engraving

Unlike the regular engraving process, laser engraving utilizes a laser machine to remove the top layer of a surface without direct contact to the surface. Laser engraving can peel or remove the specific depth of a surface area. It works well on hard and soft surface materials, such as metals, plastics, cardboards, woods, paper, ceramics, and many more. Laser engraving also offers a fast-paced engraving process compared to a traditional one. The laser creates high temperatures during the engraving process, which causes the material to vaporize. Laser engraving produces a cavity in the surface that is noticeable to the eye and touch. It repeats with several passes, to create deeper marks, usually between 0.02″ in metals to 0.125″ in harder materials. 

  • Conclusion

Comparing the two engraving processes, the Laser Engraving provides more benefits than the traditional process. Laser Engraving provides speed, cost efficiency, durability, ultimate repeatability. It also enhances the production cycle and productivity.  

About HeatSign 

HeatSign is a company that focused on Direct Marking Technologies and Marking Machines for the past ten years. This China-based company provides various Trace-ability and Turnkey Process Automation Solutions. It offers a wide-range marking solution such as Laser Marking Systems, Fiber Laser Marking, Stainless Steel Laser Engraving, Wood Laser Engraving, Pneumatic Marking Machine Technology, CO2 Laser Marking, Dot Peen Pin Marking, Metal, Pin Stamp Marking, and Laser Marker. For more information about laser engraving machines, please visit www.heatsign.com.