has announced the latest project from her Young Entrepreneurs Club, a club already being touted as one of fastest growing youth empowerment clubs in sub-Saharan Africa. The Young Entrepreneurs Club’s Business Education Program revolutionizes proven methods of training small business owners and start-ups – with hands-on learning experience that focuses on business growth and expansion but doesn’t dwell on academic theory and speculation, eliminating the frustration of losing money on unprofitable ventures or wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

“The Business Education Program is great news for anyone serious about making their start-up grow in the right direction,” said Engr Winston C Ikekeonwu, Director of Young Entrepreneurs Club, while speaking in Jos. “It solves the No. 1 dissatisfaction we keep hearing from more young people today – not having an idea of what to do with the flood of business information floating around today – while also giving young people the added boldness to finally get started, plus the ability to quickly solve any challenges as they go ahead.”

Ikekeonwu continued: “Today’s young people have so many opportunities available to them, thanks to technological advancements. Yet in the midst of all this, figures from the World Economic Forum show that between 1997 and 2017, even as the global youth population grew by an additional 139 million, the youth labour force shrank by a whopping 35 million. That certainly cannot be due to a lack of opportunity; many young people are simply looking in the wrong direction.”

The Young Entrepreneurs Club’s Business Education Program features a series of practical lessons that help start-ups and entrepreneurs have a clear path to growth within minutes. By leveraging on technology, small business owners around the world are able to easily access the program even on their mobile devices. The program builds on lessons learned from mentors with decades of experience in industries as vast as manufacturing, real estate, entertainment, and IT.

The Young Entrepreneurs Club director also stated an additional benefit of the Business Education Program. He said: “According to the United Nations, there are over 1.8 billion young people living in the world today, with 90 percent of them living in developing countries. Way too many young entrepreneurs today ignore the true potential in their business ideas. We can help them see the bigger impact they can make to improve their own lives and the lives of others in their community.”

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