The COVID-19 Pandemic has put many of your wedding dreams into a standstill because it is recommended to avoid crowded places and maintain distance from others to keep yourself protected from this Coronavirus. This pandemic is affecting couples with their planned wedding event. The weddings have been dramatically downsized, postponed, or canceled depending on your plans and desires.

But you can plan an elopement wedding during this pandemic period. An Elopement wedding helps you in saving money, avoiding fuss, keeping things intimate and personal, avoiding family drama, a small event with family and close friends, and most importantly, no crowd and stay safe. This will make your dream come true along with keeping you safe in this COVID-19 pandemic.

For planning a stress-free wedding you need to hire a professional elopement wedding planner who will plan everything that is required at a wedding. Lynn Fletcher Weddings will arrange everything from a small wedding venue to catering, wedding officiants, decorations, etc. Our expert wedding planner will handle every single detail of your special day keeping in mind your and your guests’ safety.

In this hard time, your decisions matter a lot. This is the first step in your journey together, and how you chose to approach it and ultimately handle it is going to set the tone for so many decisions ahead in your wedding life. Love each other, trust each other, rely on each other and support one another through it. The right decision will reveal itself and through it, the constant will be the strength you find in one another together.

Plan your special day with Lynn Fletcher Weddings and make your dreams come into life. Discuss your ideas and plans with the best Wedding planner of Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Kelowna, British Columbia, and many more. Let’s not allow COVID-19 to put a halt on your wedding dreams. Take necessary measures of COVID-19 and make your intimate elopement wedding successful.