Life After Flying provides a roadmap out of the aviation industry – into more fulfilling and sustainable careers. The aim is to help people understand themselves better, recognize their own unique skillsets, and learn how to market these to prospective employers, and/or harness them for future ventures.

In Life After Flying, Katarzyna Richter uses a combination of her own lived experience and her academic background in psychology to describe the career transition from Cabin Crew to the next career step. She goes on to show how people can identify their aptitudes and abilities – and harness them for their lives ahead.

Although aimed primarily at flight attendants, Life After Flying is packed with great insight into the human condition and is an excellent tool for people thinking about their own career development in general.
Now a successful company CEO, Katarzyna shows the reader how to think analytically about their lives, identify the good and bad points, and use this understanding to move forward in their careers, increasing their happiness and well being.

Life After Flying is aimed at go-getting, jet-setting people thinking of changing their professional lives – but who are unsure about where to go, how to start, or whom you need to know. It offers a host of practice advance, and also provides a structure for identifying personal goals and a method to help people find their answers and go their own way. It helps them on the road to independence, empowering people to tackle life on their own terms.

Life After Flying explores the following points:

– how to identify where to go in your new career, and how to get there?
– building a workable plan for life outside of aviation
– the first steps to take when you don’t have a clue where to start
– how to build a network around you – how to secure your finances, even after having resigned from your job
– how to deal with any crises that might come your way
– how to develop the most important skill of all; grit
– how to build your personal brand and communicate it to the world


In her earlier life, Katarzyna worked for Emirates, Gulf Air, and Etihad Airways, accruing tremendous experience of the aviation industry as cabin crew, and then becoming a recruiter for Qatar Airways. She completed her degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology in Warsaw. Katarzyna supports decision-makers and action takers and has her own mentoring program called Life After Flying. She writes on intercultural communication in business and lifestyle magazines.She delivers training sessions and keynote speeches internationally and organizes digital detox retreats in Portugal.