Filing the wrong document can get you into some legal trouble down the line. Be careful when buying a property, filing a lien, or protecting your rights. Adler Law can help.
Dealing with the law without representation can you land you in some serious legal troubles. You could end up stuck in a terrible situation. It might even cost you more in the long run. If you want to hire a real estate or business litigation attorney in Northridge, then you can check in with Adler Law.
Robert Adler has been protecting the rights of construction, real estate, business litigation, and personal injury clients throughout Calabasas, California and beyond. His strong grasp of law, negotiations, and his ability to bring cases to maximum benefit all make him the right person tocontact to avoid legal troubles.
A list of legal services that ADLER LAW, A P.C. offers:
Construction Law:Whether there are defects in the construction of your new building, you are reviewing a construction contract, or your company must file a mechanic’s lien to roll out a stop payment notice, Adler law is adept in handling legal challenges during residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction projects.
Real Estate:Both property buyers or sellers may not know all the legal proceedings involved in a transaction, including documentation or paperwork. If you are buying, leasing or selling property in or around Calabasas, you can rely on the support of the Adler Law firm. We are fully aware of the local real estate market and conflicts that can arise during transactions. We can resolve quiet title disputes, partition actions, broker disputes and real estate litigations.
Business Litigation:From limited liability company formation, to corporate and Limited Liability Company disputes, our business litigation practice can resolve a comprehensive range of commercial disputes.
If you are looking for real estate, business litigation or construction lawyers in Northridge, get in touch with Adler Law. We will handle your case, using the most efficient and cost-effective means possible.
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