FyndEasy is India’s first AR powered Hyper-local business discovery search App where people can look up for businesses nearby depending upon the user’s current location. This pandemic has brought up challenges that weren’t heard of until last year, such as booking your visit slot for your grocery store nearby or picking up “ To go “ orders from the restaurant nearby. This was introduced to stop people from forming long queues outside stores that were permitted by law to operate. Although take away was common, a time based pick up slot was introduced post lockdown to limit movements that were thoroughly monitored, sanitized and socially distanced to avoid any form of contact. FyndEasy comes in two variations; FyndEasy – Discover, Shop, Save is an App designed for consumers that can help with a search for restaurants, salons, repair shops and all other stores within your vicinity using your current location. Simply download the App and sign up for free and perform your intended search for any business and filter using either the distance range or nearby feature. You can choose to view on the Map or the AR view. Once you discovered the business you’re looking for, you can even save them as your favorites. For the AR view, you’d have to use your camera in the direction you are performing your search within a limited range of 1 km. The results will be shown on the screen along with its distance from you.
FyndEasy Partner is another variation that is designed for Businesses. In short, it allows any form of business to get online and show itself via a Pinlet that takes less than 5 minutes to create. Start by downloading the FyndEasy partner App and create you Pinlet in 4 easy steps. The first step requires that an image for the Pinlet is uploaded which could be your business logo. Then Add the business name and describe briefly what it does. Choose a category that best suits your business. Lastly, add the location coordinates and go live. It’s that simple.