India, 23rd June, 2020: While quarantine life is the new normal for most of us in India and across the globe, brands are in the process of skewing their marketing campaigns to the ever-changing consumer behaviour on digital. One of the brands that has managed to capture the pulse of the audience and reach out to their consumers through relevant and relatable activations is Araldite. A legacy adhesive brand has now been re-launched through their on-point DVC communicating the new brand message – ‘Repair is better than replace’. The narrative of the video revolves around the fact that objects are more than mere hoardings and actually  mean something to each one of us through the cherished moments and memories that connect with it; hence repair it because it’s #BondsThatLastForever. There is no doubt that this video was well received by the audience and garnered over 1.3 million views!
Taking this thought forward, in the second phase of the campaign, Araldite aimed at leveraging the lockdown while also ensuring safety against COVID-19. The biggest challenge we faced as a society was to stay home and be occupied with the constant itch of wanting to step out while it was against the safety norms to do so. Taking from this very sharp insight, Araldite engaged the audience in a DIY engagement activity which aimed at encouraging the audience to make something special for a loved one or even repair something priceless that made its way to the store room.
Kunal Khemu (, Ranveer Brar ( and Mini Mathur (, celebrities specialising in different affinities participated in this contest to boost awareness and fixed something very personal to them while also speaking about how Araldite is the go-to toolkit essential for them especially in this lockdown phase.
The current scenario is the only time when the audience has realised that a crack or a breakage doesn’t call for an immediate spree of e-commerce shopping but requires to be fixed. What better solution to reach out to this already sensitised audience than an activation with influencer collaboration for vast audience engagement.

Speaking about the success of the second phase of the #BondsThatLastForever campaign Mr Shenoy Muralidhara, Commercial & Country Director Huntsman Advanced Materials said “We want to bring family and friends together by creating memories in households that are treasured forever. Araldite believes that bonds between family and friends become stronger when the artefacts inside homes are looked after. Though this is a difficult period, it’s the perfect time for family members to come together to fix things that are dear to them. We’re glad that Kunal, Mini & Ranveer partnered with us to show audiences how easy it is to fix anything forever with Araldite. This will increase conversations about this activation and drive participation leading back to our core thought – ‘Repair is better than replace.”

About Araldite:

Araldite is an enabler of excellence. The legacy of our constant growth and development is built around a colossal range of adhesive solutions that assist each one in creating strong bonds that last forever. We are tirelessly working towards improving product performance through chemistry. Considered to be the world’s strongest adhesive, Araldite offers a complete range of ready-to-use products in applications to build, bond and protect.