Cologne, 23rd June, 2020. The BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) of the Prysmian Group now offers the Draka UC HOME Cat.7 SS26 S/FTP Cca, a new data cable for home cabling that meets all the requirements of the CPR fire protection class Cca s1a d1 a1, which is valid throughout Europe. It is characterized by very low smoke emission and release of corrosive gases, delayed heat release and reduced flame propagation, acid and droplet formation. The high fire resistance of the compact, space-optimized copper cable with a transmission speed of 10 Gbit/s ensures increased protection of life and limb in building fires.

According to statistics, up to 400 people die in Germany every year in a house fire. Around 92 percent of these deaths are due to the effects of toxic gases or smoke – and not to the fire itself. People in burning houses have only about three minutes to safely leave the building. At the end of this period, the toxic smoke and gas development is so far advanced that a dense cloud of toxic fire gases prevents any view of escape routes. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult for rescue teams to intervene and evacuate the burning building.

“Since only a few minutes are left to clear a burning building, the fire dynamics and smoke development of the building materials are of decisive importance. These include, above all, cables and wires,” says Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Copper Cables, BU Multimedia Solutions of the Prysmian Group. The EN 50399 test standard for fire properties of cables defines precisely these criteria. Within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which applies throughout Europe, the standard includes a system for classifying construction products according to their fire behaviour.

“To increase the protection of people and animals against fire in residential buildings, we have equipped the Draka UC HOME Cat.7 copper cable with the best possible fire protection properties,” continues Zoran Borcic. The new smart home cable meets all the requirements of the demanding fire protection class Cca s1a d1 a1. With its low smoke emission, delayed heat release, reduced flame propagation and low release of corrosive gases, it makes an important contribution to preventive fire protection.

The space-optimized DRAKA UC HOME Cat.7 SS26 S/FTP LSHF with a transmission speed of 10 Gbit/s offers more space in the conduit than standard cables and has a 30 percent smaller bending radius. The maximum installation length of the very light and pack-tight copper cable is 60 meters. Finally, it allows flexible use of space, requires no adapters and guarantees high performance (PoE).

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