Next Dimension Entertainment has a host of services, event solutions, entertainers, and various event-required equipment like sound and lighting, and trussing, to name a few. All of this, coupled with the vast knowledge and experience of the company, is one of the several reasons why you should hire Next Dimension Entertainment to throw the event of the season. Not only will they assist you in creating an unforgettable event, but they also have well-established relationships with several vendors in the events industry.

At Next Dimension Entertainment, the client’s input is valued. This is done to ensure the client is given the event that they want, as well as allows Next Dimension Entertainment to effectively consult with their clients and assist them in creating their dream event, whether for a birthday, wedding, product launch or any other special occasion.

Weddings are one of the most memorable days for the bride and groom. But what makes it the most memorable for the guests, besides celebrating in your love? The entertainment, of course! The perfect set and setting, coupled with stellar décor, as well as amazing sound and lighting, really makes more of an impression on your guests.

Thankfully, Next Dimension Entertainment offers various wedding event packages, this helps make the day even more special and takes a lot of the stress away from the bride and groom. The packages vary in price and size and include the following: The Dream Wedding Package, the Platinum Package, the Gold Package and the designer package.

Next Dimension Entertainment has experience in a wide array of events, from 18th birthday parties to cocktail parties. The company has even been acknowledged and mentioned for their stellar event entertainment. So why not use Next Dimension Entertainment for your next event and wow all your guests!

If you would like to learn more about Next Dimension Entertainment and the services they have available for offer, or if you’d like to view their various event packages and event equipment, visit their official website at

About the Company
Next Dimension Entertainment is an entertainment company that thinks of everything you’ve forgotten and more for your events! The company is located in Cape Town, South Africa. With many years’ experience in the music and events industry, Adrian, the owner of Next Dimension Entertainment, is able to bring his vast years of experience and knowledge in the industry to bring you the event of the season.

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