Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, June 22, 2020 — Toronto’s Premium Non-Surgical Clinic, Unique Cosmetic Clinic, recently started offering miraDry, a new non-invasive microwave device for permanent elimination of underarm sweating, odor and hair that is gaining tremendous popularity amongst both women and men.

Unique Cosmetic Clinic has been offering a wide range of non-surgical treatments including Botox, Filler, CoolSculpting, Chemical Peels, PRP, and more. The launch of the miraDry procedure has seen impressive patient results safety and effectively.

miraDry uses a non-invasive handheld device to deliver electromagnetic energy to the area beneath the underarm skin where the sweat glands reside, resulting in thermolysis (decomposition by heat) of the sweat glands. The effect can be seen almost immediately, and results have been shown to be long-lasting after just two physician visits. In fact, in a clinical study following 120 patients, 70% of miraDry recipients said their sweating no longer bothered them after 1.5 years.

While miraDry is the first use of electromagnetic energy to combat excessive sweating, the technology has been safely used in other areas of medicine for years including cardiology, cosmetics, general surgery, urology, and oncology. Outpatient physician visits typically take one hour during which a physician will administer local anesthesia (usually lidocaine injections) and then use the miraDry handheld device to deliver electromagnetic energy to the underarms. The miraDry device cools the outer layer of the skin (dermis) and patients usually experience no discomfort during the procedure. Physician visits are typically scheduled three months apart.

About Dr. Mahnaz Farid:
Dr. Mahnaz Farid graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and found a passion in dermatology. Now, Dr. Farid translates her passion into client satisfaction at Unique Cosmetic Clinic (UC Clinic) in Richmond Hill.

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