Crime rates have surged in most major US cities despite strict social distancing measures. Burglars are targeting empty offices or those with limited staff, stealing valuables and vital data.
Similarly, homeowners have eased up on home security measures because they’re at home all day. Companies like Sherlock Locksmith are driving home the importance of proper security measures in the current climate.
The company’s experts provide a range of locksmith services that protect homes and office spaces. A representative said, “The pandemic has forced a lot of companies to close down. This has left offices and business centers vulnerable to thefts and robberies. Similarly, there’s a high demand for increased security measures around the house, as a lot of people have work equipment brought in that’s quite valuable.
During a health crisis, you need to ensure that all aspects of your life are protected against security threats. Out experts ensure that you feel safe inside your home, and that business assets are protected .”
The team at Sherlock Locksmith provides its commercial and residential locksmith services at competitive prices, to ensure that people don’t have to choose between security and financial liquidity.
Moreover, the company is known for its customer-centric approach and responsive behavior. They offer a range of emergency services, so clients can deal with contingencies effectively. They also work with customers to duplicate keys, manage lockout situations, and rekey car keys.
More information about them can be found on their website, or by using the contact details below.

About Sherlock Locksmith
Sherlock Locksmith has a knowledgeable team of locksmiths on board. They provide an exceptional range of services in Mansfield, Texas, including emergency, residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services.

Contact Information
Contact: 817-438-1962
License Number: B07329501
Address: 1275 n main #202 Mansfield TX 76063
Hours of operation: Daily 6AM-11PM