Hi-Tech Steel and Fence Industries, UAE is a renowned steel fabricator and manufacturers of a variety of steel wire fences that also include temporary fencing that you could install for a short period of time. Hi-Tech made a temporary fencing system that is highly popular for installing in construction sites, sports fields, concert grounds, social gatherings, meetings, and anywhere where temporary protection against intrusion is required. These are cost-effective options that you can always dismantle when you don’t need them anymore and you could also hire the fencing system from the company for the above events.

HI-Tech Steel and Fence Industries is collaborated with NarTel, KSA, and maker of a huge array of fencing systems in Saudi Arabia and has been roped in by both government and domestic applications to install them. Among the many fencing systems, they make will include chain link fence, welded panel fencing system, hi-defensive fence, and temporary fencing. Their products not only prove to be economical but immensely strong protective barriers that allow no human or animals to penetrate your periphery. This is the reason why their fences are much sought after by applications like highways, military installations, wildlife sanctuaries, airports, residential fencing, sports stadiums, security projects, government buildings, sub-stations, agriculture, and animal husbandry sector.

Hi-weld defensive fence for sensitive installations

The hi welded fencing UAE stands out as excellent protection in the above sectors and are capable of withstanding foul weather, crashes and impacts, animal breach attempts, and any kind of intrusion. The mesh partitioned fences also allow you to keep an eye on your property from far as the wire mesh makes visibility easy. The hi-weld fences are ideally suited for military installations, manufacturing units that make sensitive products, government installations, parks, and other public places where inner safety is important. You could also install defensive fencing topped with barbed wire where you want to prevent scaling and you can customize your fencing requirement by specifying them while placing orders. Visit their website at http://nartel-ksa.com and see the array of fencing systems that are in display in their product page. To have a direct conversation with a representative you can use the numbers +966 555015793 or Tel: +966 11 2080072 or send your requirement via email addressed to sales@hitechfence.comand get an instant response.
Hi-Tech Steel and Fence Industries, Saudi Arabia, an associate of Nartel, KSA, is a top-flight steel fence maker in UAE who build temporary and permanent fencing systems to guard peripheries.
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Tel: +966 11 2080072
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