(21th June, 2020): Olayer presents FFP2 mask China that have been introduced by meeting the EN 149 2001 +A: 2009 standard. Keeping in mind the needs of the present times, the mask has been introduced to comply by the growing safety needs. The masks have passed European PPE mask CE certification and hence is safe for consumers all across the world. These have undergone quality control system as an initiative to introduce safer masks to the market. Also known as ‘filtering face piece’, the mask filters dusts of all nature along with particles down. The masks are capable of offering FFP2 level of protection as based on the filtering ability incurring to 92% and a total inward leakage at 8%. These are further built to offering maximum protection against ordinary level of dust, solid and liquid aerosols.

Olayer protects against every moderate level of dust while protecting against liquid and solid aerosols. It can be used for sanding and also plastering. Bringing forward a high level of protection as compared to the former FFP1 face mask, the masks protects against materials in two distinctive concentrations, including 12x limit and 10x limit. The dust mask is enabled to safeguard individuals against coughs, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and also while experiencing difficulty during breathing. Adapt to intercept and also block several non oil particles; the mask can filter dust invisible to naked eyes. Furthermore, the masks offer protection against fibres, solid dust particles, microorganisms, mists and aerosols, and much more.

These filter out bad stuffs from the air to prevent individuals inhale hazardous or poisons dust articles. It is made to achieve ultimate comfort and to enable individuals feel maximized comfort to be able to work comfortably at workplace. Irrespective of the kind of workplace it is, the mask enables individuals to be worn and feel secured amidst the critical times of the pandemic. Aimed at safeguarding individuals from corona and dust, FFP2 face mask have been designed to protect individuals at its best.

Apart from this, it is also aimed at treating more serious long-term and terminal such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mesothelioma, lung cancer and much more. ‘You need this mask as it is referred to being the best face mask for the workplace and meets the proper FFP rating while being convenient and comfortable for the workers and employees to wear’, as said by the spokesperson at Dongguan Olayer.

About Olayer:

Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.Ltd is a manufacturing company in China, developed by Steve Yang, Thomas Chao and Hans-Jeurgen Kruse in Germany and is involved in the manufacturing of mold design, part design, plastic injection mold, die casting, and much more.

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