Lee Grayshon MD at Eternal Lawns www.eternallawns.com comments.
Spring and summer is normally the peak time for artificial grass installation, as the sunny weather inspires people to work on their garden.

Although Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the country, we are lucky enough to be a company that works outdoors. Our teams are made up of two people each, so they can easily social distance, without any detriment to the installation process.

Furthermore, our surveys are all conducted outdoors and we have an outdoor area outside our showroom. As people are stuck at home with their holidays cancelled, many of them have decided to renovate their gardens instead, so they can enjoy the British sun. As a result, the month of May has been a particularly busy period.

Artificial grass requires far less maintenance than a natural lawn and is the perfect surface for the whole family; it is durable enough to handle both garden furniture and children’s play equipment and it is also pet friendly. Many people have chosen to have artificial grass installed in light of these benefits, so the whole family can enjoy the garden during lockdown.

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