The car media brand RADICAL ( has made a name for itself with its vehicle-specific Android-based infotainers. Now RADICAL has launched two universal media centers on the market, the 1-DIN R-D111 model with a 10.1″ display and the 2-DIN R-D211 with a 7″ monitor. The German specialist magazine Car & HiFi thoroughly tested both touchscreen car radios in edition 04/2020. And their conclusion was very clear: on account of their “outstanding” price/performance, the two multimedia systems were awarded the “Highlight” accolade.

RADICAL Android car radios are known for their ability to network comprehensively with smartphones. For this purpose, the two newcomers make use of an open operating system based on Android 9.0 so that Android apps can be installed directly on the systems – naturally that also includes navigation applications. In the opinion of the product testers the installation does more than just simply work – in practice both these infotainers perform their tasks with flying colors: “A quad-core CPU and 2 GB RAM ensure smooth functioning of all applications.”
But that”s not all. Thanks to Easy Connection the two RADICAL devices make mobile phone mirroring comfortable while also providing an integrated Wi-Fi module: “Having the smartphone as a hotspot gives you use of web-based applications like the streaming services Spotify and YouTube, or the Internet Browser.

As for the infotainment features, these two moniceivers score well. Three USB ports, HDMI input and a versatile Bluetooth system, together with A2DP music streaming, provide for entertainment and communication. In this respect the integrated DAB+ tuner can be particularly impressive. It offers, according to Car & HiFi, “beside crystal clear reception, MOT Slideshow, a station list and DLS Text. A suitable windshield antenna is already included in the package.”
The array of versatile audio functions is also convincing: “The range of features for the duo is immense”, state the tech journalists. “In spite of the budget price they have a built-in digital sound processor that offers an abundance of sound optimization options.” These include a 10-band graphic equalizer, a crossover, the smart bass function and time alignment for the front and rear channels.

In terms of ease of use the R-D111 and R-D211 also won praise: “The easy and safe use on the road of common applications is achieved by clear design of the user interface. “In practice both infotainers perform their many tasks effortlessly”, say the testers. The capacitive touchscreen responds smoothly, with all functions being stable and of high quality.”
“We found both infotainers convincing thanks to their open Android operating system, reliable and versatile functions, and their good ease of use”, is the conclusion reached by the well-respected tech journalists, while awarding the R-D111 and R-D211 the “Highlight” accolade.