N R Doshi and Partners is a Dubai based firm specialized in providing auditing, accounting, VAT, and AML consulting services. The firm has thirty-four years of journey and served many clients in the UAE.

In 2001, the UAE government started taking major steps against money laundering and terrorist funding. The two laws: Law No 4/2002 (the Anti Money Laundering law), and Law No. 1/2004 (the counterterrorism law) led the foundation for AML regulations in the UAE. Since the regulations are new, many businesses are finding it difficult to cope up with the requirements of the Law. To help companies to comply with the AML regulations, N R Doshi and Partners has introduced AML Consulting Service.

“We not only provide our clients with AML compliance, but we also provide insights into what more can be done to follow the world-class practices. All the required data security measures are taken into consideration whether tasks are performed manually or through AML compliance software programs. It’s not only about responsibility towards the client. If one looks at the big picture, it is one vital method to prevent money laundering and an effective measure to counter funding that happens to terror groups and activities. We provide our AML services taking this as a consideration.” Says Rahul Doshi, the managing partner at N R Doshi and Partners.

He further explains, “You can choose not to outsource. It is up to the businesses. We are here to help businesses how they want it. If they want to keep complete control over the compliance check, we can set up an in-house compliance department, implement AML best practices, and give extensive AML training to employees. We are open for discussion and ready to deliver our service how they want it.”

NRD provides AML Agent service where a client can have their internal team working with them. They also create manuals for the client companies as per their business sector. One exclusive service offered by N R Doshi and Partners is mystery shopping, where they check how effectively AML procedures are followed in its true sense.

This demonstrates NRD’s seriousness towards their aim of making businesses AML compliant. Whether it is about KYC, screening, due diligence, or submitting reports to the authorities, NRD is equipped with skills and resources to help businesses comply with the provisions of AML Law.