Inno Molding Company releases the latest injection molding technology. It helps to produce precise plastic parts for mass production.


Inno Molding, one of the trusted plastic injection molding companies releases the latest plastic injection molding technology. Plastic injection molding technology is commonly used for automotive, medical, beauty products, and many industrial products. Those companies need to keep their product quality by creating precision parts. The parts also have to be tight tolerances and beautiful appearance. The making process involves several molding processes. The CEO of Inno Molding explained, “We want to improve our products. Our latest plastic injection molding technology focuses on mold life durability. This latest technology provides companies with a plastic injection molding machine along with 1.000.000 up to 1.500.000 shots.”


It is a challenge for the company to improve its technology and machines. One of the challenges is to pass the ISO 9001-2018. This requirement shows that the molding machine company can produce various plastic injection mold machines for various sectors. The CEO of Inno Molding company added, “Creating plastic injection molding machines with the latest technology is challenging for us. We try to understand what companies need. Dealing with our latest molding machine, we support it with the latest injection machines from Japan and China.” The development process should involve third parties to make sure that the molding machine achieves its quality level. The company that makes molding machines should consider the most advanced mold making equipment, latest injection machines, and many more. The latest technology should support companies to produce high-quality plastic products faster and easier. The CEO described, “German, Japan, and Switzerland have the most advanced mold making equipment.


We are cooperating with the companies from those countries to provide the latest equipment and machines that we need. As a result, we can produce an advanced plastic injection molding machine. The machine and technology make the process easier. The system will melt the plastic raw material and inject it into the mold tool. The system cools and solidifies the raw material. The plastic products are ready.” The latest technology is not only providing plastic products companies with ordinary plastic products faster but also plastic products with accurate dimensions. The plastic parts can tolerate 0.01~0.02mm, 1/10 of the piece of human hair. Some of the parts can also tolerance +/- 0.05mm. The molding machine with the latest technology is also suitable for complex plastic product structures. The main purpose of this latest molding machine is to support mass production. As a result, companies can achieve their target to deliver plastic products to suppliers and customers.


The CEO explained, “We hope that our latest plastic injection molding machine is valuable for various sectors. With higher accuracy, we want to help several sectors such as airplanes, meters, and militaries. We also want to achieve other sectors, including printer, clock, computer, mobile phone, and many more.” The idea of this molding machine is to provide companies with a low-cost plastic injection molding machine with maximal performance to produce high-quality plastic parts. In the end, companies earn more income from the products and fill all the targets from their clients.         


About Inno Molding Company:

Inno Molding Company is a plastic injection molding machine company based on Shenzhen China. This company provides high-quality custom plastic injection molding machines, parts, and manufacturing services. The company has served over 120 clients from 25 countries around the world.

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