Bengaluru, June 16, 2020: EvrCare, an AI-based hyperlocal support system for senior citizens has recently been launched in India that aims at providing assistance, companionship and wellness needs of the elderly. EvrCare offers a myriad of services for parents & senior citizens in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Calcutta.

Inspite of Unlock 1.0, many elderly are still stuck at their homes because of higher risk and vulnerability. Their children can do only as much due to limited activities allowed or sheer geographical distance. EvrCare’s motto is to help senior citizens with anything, anywhere and anytime. While they provide support in any kinds of service requests possible, their services can be categorized into 5 areas – Assistance, Companionship, Social Experiences, Wellness and Healthcare.

In terms of Assistance, EvrCare provides assisted travel, in-home assistance, and tech-related support for senior citizens. The idea is to make sure the elders are comfortable, and that all of their needs are taken care of. The company also provides online wellness programs that include yoga, one-on-one training via personal trainer via WhatsApp. Medical needs of elders are addressed via EvrCare’s partnership with providers like Nightingales and Portea.

The team at EvrCare understands the need to ensure the quality of service is high while it scales to different geographies. EvrCare’s services are gaining traction, especially during the current pandemic because of its unique and vital service offering. Owing to this, EvrCare has seen an overwhelming response and is amongst the few companies who have witnessed growth in their business. All their customers have referred more than once and many of them have bought the subscription package, which goes to show the brand loyalty that they’ve built in such a short span of time.