To create a membership website using WordPress is very easy. Beginners can build their membership site with a special developed WordPress plugin, no coding required. we will explain how you can make a membership with WordPress and PayPal.

Create WordPress Membership Website

You can download a membership plugin for WordPress, such as the WishList Member Plugin and Paid Membership Pro. In this guide we will introduce the Paid membership pro plugin which is developed for WordPress membership site setup and integrated with several PayPal payment processing and other payment options, so you can get paid.
Log on your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins section to search and add this new plugin Paid membership pro plugin for WordPress. See below figure.

Install and activate the Paid membership pro for WordPress. You can then see it displays in the left navigation pane of your WordPress site dashboard. See below figure.

Under Memberships, you can find menu items including: Membership Levels, Page Settings, Payment Settings, Email Settings, Advanced Settings, Add Ons, Member List, Reports, Orders, Discount Codes. The first step to create a membership website using WordPress is to add membership levels. Click on Membership Levels, then click on Add New Level to get started. Input a name for the new membership group or level, such as VIP.

In the Billing Details section you can decide how to charge for the subscription. There are options like Initial Payment, Recurring Subscription, Billing Account, Billing Cycle Limit, Custom Trial, etc. You can set up one time payment fee or recurring fee for a selected a membership level.

You can also set billing cycles to weekly, monthly, or yearly. These billing settings are very flexible and useful. Once you are done with the settings, click Save Level, a membership level will be created.

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