There are several styles of packaging that are popular among marketers these days. Using cardboards to create cylindrical packages is one among them. It is one of the most eco-friendly packaging styles existent in the market.


Storing and packing goods is a task that requires great skill and caution at the same time. The cardboard tube packaging styles can help you store products like tea, coffee, spices, etc. in sleek cylinders giving an impressive look. Such cylinders are made up of 3 pieces; all put together to give rise to an elegant looking tube package. The cylinders are made from a durable Kraft material along with a food-grade foil lining and are available in various sizes. 

Versatile packaging solution

You can easily store a variety of items in such cardboard tube packages with great ease. Be it spices, pulses, beverages like tea, coffee, etc. you do not have to worry at all. The tubes are well-designed and prevent any moisture, dirt, germs, etc. from contaminating the items. These packages are also very useful in storing candles, cosmetics, accessories, watches and other fashionable items.

Customised packaging to meet your special needs

Often, you might like to pack items like perfume bottles, essential oil bottles, beard oils, incense sticks, etc. in particular types of boxes especially when there is a special occasion and you want to offer it as a gift. These items often come with their regular rectangular cartoons or other packs available in the market, but the cylindrical tube package reinvents them completely. The cardboard tube packaging gives an entirely new look, and you can also store these items comfortably inside the cylinders. Big cardboard tubes are also an ideal packaging for wine glass bottles.  

Eco-friendly solution

You do not have to be stressed or worry at all about these cardboard tubes as they are completely bio-degradable and do not pose any harm to the environment. These cylinders will begin to disintegrate within three months when disposed of correctly, which will, later on, turn into biomass within 2-3 years. Even the lining used in the container is degradable meaning that these are complete eco-friendly packaging styles to use.