Jena, 15th June, 2020 – The restrictions due to the corona epidemic are gradually being eased. This means that doctors are now beginning to return to their regular consulting hours, even outside of emergency care. This is a reason for joy for all those patients who had previously postponed the treatment of their benign enlarged prostate out of fear of corona infection. The treatment of the benign enlarged prostate with a medical laser offers special protection against the risk of infection and special advantages for patients with chronic associated diseases.

With increasing age, up to every second man suffers from a benign enlargement of the prostate, which leads to a narrowing of the urethra and thus often to problems with urination. If you have a constant urge to urinate, a weakened urinary stream, the feeling that you have not completely emptied the bladder after urinating, frequent urination in only small volumes and frequent night-time urination, you should definitely consult a urologist.

biolitec’s LIFE laser method has been offering a minimally invasive, particularly gentle treatment alternative to the conventional surgical method TURP (transurethral prostate resection) for many years. TURP is usually performed with a metal wire loop that is inserted through the urethra with an endoscope. The surplus prostate tissue is then removed using high-frequency electricity. For this method the patient is usually given a general anesthetic. During the operation, bleeding or perforation of the capsule enclosing the prostate may occur.

In the gentle LIFE method, a laser light fiber is inserted through the urethra and inserted up to the enlarged prostate. The tissue of the urinary canal of the prostate is removed from the inside without leaving any residues. Due to the special characteristics of the laser energy, any bleeding that occurs is immediately stopped and surrounding tissue is not damaged. This reduces possible side effects to a minimum.

Due to these excellent treatment conditions for the patients, it is possible to perform the LIFE laser method very gently and minimally invasive with spinal anesthesia. This aspect is a decisive factor for patients with chronic associated diseases, as they have often had to forego conventional prostate treatment due to general anesthesia. This is no longer necessary with the gentle LIFE laser treatment.

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