East Brisbane, Queensland- June 15, 2020- Finding the right lender and loan isn’t always easy. There are different rates, terms, and conditions that can make one loan significantly better than another. AGM Finance has become the leading truck finance broker in Australia. They are excited to continue providing customers with the top services for truck finance Brisbane possible.

Since 1997, AGM Finance has been the premier solution for auto, truck, business, and property financing. They are committed to customer service and assisting those in need of lending. Their agency works with all the top lenders throughout the country to ensure their customers get the best deals on their loans.

Having won the AFG Broker of the Year award for the last three years, there was little surprise that AGM Finance had been positioned as the leading choice for truck finance broker services. One of their primary goals is assessing a customer’s current financial situation to meet their goals for the loan. This can include looking at their credit score, how much of a down payment is available, and how much they need to borrow. For truck finance Sydney, they work with customers to obtain the best rates that match their ability to repay and complement their financial situation.

Keeping costs to consumers low is another reason AGM Finance has become Australia’s most trusted truck finance broker. Tailoring finance solutions and working with over 30 lenders, allows AGM Finance to offer customers choices. If an operator is unable to obtain the right loan for purchasing their truck, it could make a substantial difference in their take-home pay, or being able to make their monthly payments.

There is no one size fits all lending solution, and their process reflects that. The finance brokerage works with banks, finance companies, as well as rent-to-buy companies, which gives their customers a wide range of loan options to choose from.

A representative for AGM Finance had this to say about their ability to match customers with loans, “If you’re starting as a new operator and you don’t have the financial history, we can help you, too. As long as you can clearly demonstrate that you’re making money, there’s a lender out there ready to finance your next move with a reasonable interest rate.”

No matter if a client is a new operator, a seasoned over the road driver, AGM Finance has options available. Their team assists customers from all walks of life, and in many situations. With so many loan options available and a strong commitment to customer service, it’s clear why AGM Finance is the premier choice for truck finance solutions throughout Australia.

For more information on AGM Finance and their truck finance Melbourne services, visit their website. For questions, they can be reached by phone at 1300 664 687.