Just buy a $15 dollar cosmetic each month and market it to some Phantasy Star Online 2 participant, that’s your sub correct there. This sub is better than ordinary since it provides you a cover to win advantage over your pals and other Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers. No point in doing assignments to search for them. It is easier to perform a 8 hour shift at work, invest that and completely deck out your character with the most powerful equipment.

Pso2 is better appreciated if you play with SSF, which I will likely do or group self found together with my buddy. The ending game equipments are not tradeable my dude. Game is casual however, people can even drop in quests using lv 1 equipments and leech off everybody else fine as long as they may survive. Thank you for sharing your ideas, in this scenario I need to pass on Phantasy Star Online 2 afterward.

Can you guys think PSO2 will be popular in West?

Much like it is in JP since Japan is Japan. It has a healthy people considering its just on xbox in the moment.During launching every game becomes high numbers, the real question is how it’s going to be in in the next 2 months. It has a high prospect of dying off, if they do exactly what they did in PSU. Lucky for you they are currently making NA compatible with JP content. (That’s what I heard) So when they launch computer you need to have Phantom maybe… Tho more content aint the problem the collabs, no collabs will damage alot pso2na.

Considering that OBT its balancing. The Urgent Quests are operating its way although even today its still Episode 3. After it catches up we will get a content update I’d say. Seeing the UQs are about a 2 week schedule it could be a bit earlier we see it progress into Episode 4. I used ton’t play with JP out of Episode 3-5 so I do not understand what UQs are missing at this point.

They said they would like to reach parity so they are both on same version. Really appreciates it if / when that happens it’s only a matter of whether or not out of Japan. They stated that roughly PSU as well. Then started slowing not showing up. I suspect that they waited this long because of whatever issues they’d then (maybe keeping employees around to handle periodic content porting versus just how much they have been making off subscriptions, but that’s just a guess). Having all the content and patches now usually means that they all can all work on it all in one big drive.

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