(14th June, 2020): Paulareis ranks as the best online platform offering automatic watch under 100. A blend of quality, style and affordability has made the platform shine out and be at par excellence. With the primary aim to make monte carlo watches accessible to all, Paulareis has designed solutions that matches you style and character well. Offering five distinct collections such as Platinum, Universe, Medusa, Skeleton, and Sailor, the watch collection is inspired form the finest luxury brands around the world.

Offering American made watches under $100; Paulareis makes stellar luxury watches available in affordable prices. The primary aim of the platform has been to introduce affordable and luxury designs at play. The re-invented models combine the best materials and methods that help create a unique style of contemporary sophistication. ‘We have prioritized on evaluating mechanical watches under 100 along with other automatic watches in order to make luxury and affordability available under the same roof for our customers’, as said by the Marketing Head at Paulareis.

About Paulareis:

Paulareis is an online watch platform, inspired by best luxury brands that offers automatic watches at affordable prices.

For more information, feel free to browse https://paulareiswatches.com/