In case you’re filing against Wrongful Termination Los Angeles it becomes very important for your employment attorney to determine if your case promotes Wrongful Dismissal or merely Unfair Dismissal. The difference between the two relies on contractual liabilities & a concrete reason, where contractual liabilities weigh greater than the reason.

As such, your employment documents can make the whole situation speak for you & not your employer. Therefore remember carrying the following documents to your attorney before shooting a lawsuit against Wrongful Termination Los Angeles!

Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook generally denotes the emergency of the company, vacation policies, overtime policies, employee behavior, pay & promotion policies & added employment benefits. So, if you get terminated over claiming any of the perks mentioned within the Employee Handbook, you get a valid point to defend your case against Wrongful Termination Los Angeles . Even if the policies change right after your termination you’ve got a chance!

Performance Record
If you’re made to leave the workplace on baseless allegations regarding your work performance, try keeping a performance record on a personal basis. Also, it must reflect a symbol to prove your innocence & association with the firm. The record must be fresh & 2-3 months older than the date of termination. Your work performance indicates the time & effort you’ve contributed to your firm.

Along with this, you must also carry your termination letter, doctor’s notes, former email records, write-ups & other essential documents related to your job. Confirm what you need to carry before approaching Wrongful Termination Attorneys at Cummings & Franck . Our legal assistants confirm your visit through a telephonic conversation in advance. Call us!!