ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Tom Yarborough The Many Lies of Zoey hitting stores everywhere on March 30th, 2020.

Told by first-person narrator Sam Mirabeau who is obsessed with the enigma girl, the pet name he has given his sister Zoey, the story is a blend of character-driven literary and historical fiction that explores the power of sibling bonds and the slipperiness of infatuation. Sam is the consummate career State Department diplomat with a dark secret, and Zoey is the free-spirited, no-boundaries, gold-digging femme fatale who constantly tests her brother’s patience, ethics, and morality. Sam doesn’t know if Zoey is wicked or admirable—her unpredictable antics and flamboyant behavior constantly spawn ethical crises for them both.

A native of Louisiana, Tom Yarborough is currently a military historian/author. A decorated Air Force combat pilot, he also served tours as the air attaché at the American Embassy in Bangkok, and as liaison officer to the State Department in Washington, DC. After leaving the Air Force he was a professor and department chair at Indiana University and history professor at Northern Virginia Community College. He now lives in West Springfield, Virginia, where he maintains ties to the academic community by lecturing and writing articles for various scholarly journals.
His writing background includes the books Da Nang Diary, winner of the Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal for best memoir of 2014, and A Shau Valor, a finalist for the 2016 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award. He has also written numerous featured articles published in WWII History, Journal of American History, Vietnam, Aviation History, and The Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly.

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