ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Tina Egnoski Burn Down This World hitting stores everywhere on February 27th, 2020.

Celeste Leahy feels stuck in midlife: working a dead-end job, co-parenting a teenage son, and caring for a mother with dementia. When her estranged brother appears on her doorstep intent on reconnecting, she’s forced to examine her choices. Reid, now a famous poet, has built his life and career, Celeste believes, at her expense. The heart of their rift goes back decades, to a violent act that took place while they were college students protesting the Vietnam War. Now, as Reid insinuates himself into her day-to-day, Celeste must make peace not only with her brother, but also with her younger self, reliving and, finally, accepting the past and how it shaped her present. With poetic language and a strong sense of place, Burn Down This World illuminates the ways a fractured family can mend, if not heal, old wounds.

Tina Egnoski is the author of the novella, In the Time of the Feast of Flowers, winner of the Clay Reynolds Prize, as well as two chapbooks: This Invisible Beauty and Perishables. Her work, both fiction and poetry, has been published in a number of literary journals and anthologies, including Cimarron Review, Flying South Magazine, Forgotten Women, and The Masters Review. She studied English at the University of Florida and later earned an MFA from Emerson College. She has received literature fellowships from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities. She works in the Liberal Arts Division at the Rhode Island School of Design. Along with writing, she’s passionate about papermaking and bookbinding.

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