“I Chose Love” is a new song dedicated to George Floyd. George Floyd, who is widely reported by the media, was an African-American man who was kneeled and killed by a cop during an arrest in Minneapolis.

Yadi Alamin, a clinician, author, and songwriter, released a new song called “I Chose Love”. The song is devoted to George Floyd to get Justice. Through the song “I Chose Love”, Yadii Alamin wants to encourage all people to take responsibility for keeping the minorities alive. If love were everywhere, the world would be more beautiful, people would respect each other, and they would also support each other. What we are seeing today is a much stronger connection between protesters to demand Justice for George. Black minorities struggled from within and that as long the system remained dominated by white people, it would not be defeated.

“The killing of George Floyd shook my soul, and I wanted to encourage people of all races, colors, genders, and religions to take responsibility for keeping us alive. Our well-being has to be our focus; we can no longer wait for leadership to take care of us. Let’s show compassion for life because the cop who killed George Floyd showed none!.” – Yadi Alamin

Yadi Alamin’s new song “I Chose Love” is available at Yadi Alamin’s YouTube channel and has gained popularity. With his YouTube channel, Yadi wants to encourage people to live healthy by giving some advice and tips. His latest video is song clips “I Chose Love”, a song that is dedicated to George Floyd that has 3:22 length.

About Yadi Alamin

Yadi Alamin is a clinician, author, and musician. He has 20 years of healthcare experience and runs traditional healing at Charlotte, NC. Yadi specialized in Medical QiGong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, No Needle Acupuncture, and Reflexology. Yadi has also written some books such as Qigong for Spirituality, Internal Power- Qigong, Nei Kung, & Yoga, and Save Your Joints. His books are available at the biggest marketplace Amazon and Goodreads. “I Chose Love” is a song about what could happen if we make destructive choices, and what could be if we take the road less traveled. Justice for George Floyd!, Love in the face of hate!. Listen to Yadi Alamin’s new song at https://youtu.be/0KKBNR22oIk.

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